Welcome to Hrhantverk

(Hrhantverk is short for Henrik Rydberg Crafts)

My name is Henrik Rydberg and I live in Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg.

Woodcrafting has fascinated me more and more over the past decade. The material can be hard and solid but it can also be soft and unpredictable. There are textures, patterns and colors that can make two pieces  of wood from the same tree look completely different.

Processing and shaping wood has been and is my big hobby, where the products have come in waves. It started by making small boxes where I used different types of wood to get different patterns. Most earrings I make consist of the dark ebony and almost all-white holly in order to produce checkered colored patterns. I have turned pens in quantities where the color and pattern of the wooden piece have made each pen unique. I find it extremely relaxing to sit and carve, mostly limewood. Since the wood is quite "colorless" I use other woods to give more color to my figures.

Tobacco Pipes

When I heard about the briar-root which is used to manufacture tobaccopipes, it seemed like a fun challenge, and I begun crafting pipes.

I have made many models of pipes over the years, but  I often return to two types. I call them atlas-pipes and wrapped/draped-pipes.

The pipe itself has no given shape in these two models, which are composed of both rusticated and plain wood.

Atlas-pipes came about during my attempts to rusticate by hand. When I saw the rusticated and smooth parts it looked like an old map to me. 

The wrapped/draped-pipes come from an idea of a rusticated pipe and that I try to hide the rusticated parts with sections of plain, smooth wood.

For me pipemaking is a fantastic job that continues to encourage and challenge my creativity and imagination.

I like to engrave my initials by hand, together with the current year. It doesn't look as good as it does with my stamps, but it feels good to sign each pipe by hand.